Electric Load Management

Electric Load ManagementElectric Generation Plant

The City of Saint Peter requires all Electric Utility Customers, with newly installed or replacement central air conditioning, to participate in an "electric load management" program. This program helps reduce costs to the utility and to you, the customer. 

 How the Program Works

A load control unit is installed on your home and connected to your central air conditioner. When the electric demand is high the Utility cycles your air conditioner. Participants in the electric load management program for air conditioning receive a credit of $4 on your electric utility service each month for the months of May, June, July, August, and September.

 How Load Management Works

When load conditions indicate that peak demand for electricity is approaching, a signal is sent to the load control unit to turn off your air conditioner for 15 minutes (red light appears). After 15 minutes the air conditioner returns to service and is turned on and a yellow light will appear. The unit will continue to operate for 45 minutes; if the Electric Peak is still high the unit would run another cycle. This cycle of 15 minutes off and 45 minutes on would continue through the high energy demand peaks and is controlled by the City.  Your central air conditioner will be controlled only when there is a peak demand for electricity - usually on the hottest days of summer. Interrupting the air conditioner for 15 minutes out of each hour should not result in more than a degree or two increase in the house temperature.

 It is important that the Utility control the peak demand because our community is billed based on peak usage from our electric provider. The savings in our annual bills have been noticeable and it is the Utility’s intent to help citizens save on costs where available. 

Thank you for helping reduce costs for yourself and for your utility by participating in this load management program. If you have any questions about the load management program or your device, please call 507-934-0670.

Images below of Load Management Units.

LMT 116LLCR 3100LCR 6200website

All rates and credits are based on the cost of supplying electrical power to the customer and are reviewed and may be adjusted each year. Please contact the City Finance Department at 507-934-0664 for billing questions.