Passengers should call 888-880-4696 to schedule a ride in advance (a day, a week, up to 2 weeks). Passengers can call to schedule a ride any time that the buses are in service. Calls for next day rides can be scheduled until 3 p.m. the service day before, after 3 p.m. the passenger will have to wait and call 888-880-4696 to request a same day ride. Our goal is to have as many rides scheduled in advance as possible. Scheduled rides will have priority over same day ride requests.  Ride times are subject to availability.

*Effective May 1, 2023 thru October 2023, due the Highway 22 road closure between Saint Peter and Kasota, MRVT buses will only be picking up and returning to Kasota certain hours. 

As usual riders must call 1-888-880-4696 to schedule their ride, or the bus will not be going to Kasota.

Monday - Friday
Pick up in Kasota   9:10 am      Leave Saint Peter to Return to Kasota  11:00 am
Pick up in Kasota 12:30 pm      Leave Saint Peter to Return to Kasota    1:45 pm
Pick up in Kasota   3:45 pm      Leave Saint Peter to Return to Kasota    5:30 pm

Pick up Kasota  10:30 am          Return to Kasota   12:00 pm
Pick up Kasota    2:00 pm          Return to Kasota     3:30 pm

Dial-a-Ride Bus