Equipment & Training


The Department currently has:

  • 1950 Mack pumper and a 1931 Nott classic pumper
  • 3,500 gallon tanker
  • 75 foot snorkel
  • Equipment truck
  • Grass fire truck
  • One extraction equipment pickup
  • Three pumpers

One of the in-service pumpers is equipped with rescue extrication equipment designed for removing persons that are trapped in a motor vehicle.

Notification System

In the past, members were summoned to the fire hall by a large bell that was rung by someone needing the Department. The civil defense sirens, sounding four blasts to summon members, replaced the bell. Each member is equipped with a tone-activated pager that gives him or her the type of emergency, the location and directions, as well as other important information.


Members meet at the Fire Hall on the first Monday of each month to discuss needs, problems, and update members on activities and assignments. Members practice their skills on the second Thursday of each month at a regular fire drill. Every three months, there is an additional drill on the third Wednesday. The Fire Chief calls additional drills when opportunities or special needs arise.