Members are assigned to a committee within the Department. The committees are:

  • Dance
  • Grievance
  • Public Education
  • Rural
  • Special Projects
  • Standard Operating Guidelines
  • Standing

In addition, the Chief may appoint a special committee for unusual circumstances. Each of these committees is constantly at work on issues relating to fire service in our community.


  • Dance Committee -  puts on the annual dances sponsored by the Department and makes recommendations for expenditures of funds
  • Grievance Committee - responsible for maintaining harmony within the Department by responding to concerns of members
  • Public Education Committee - works with the schools, senior citizens, and other entities to make sure the message of fire safety is kept in the minds of those we serve
  • Special Projects Committee - generally covers the many other issues that the Department encounters
  • Standard Operating Guidelines Committee - works on methods of doing our job in a safe and efficient manner
  • Standing Committee - responsible for maintaining control of the funds and authorizing expenditures

Members are also assigned to 1 of 2 companies within the department. It is anticipated that these assignments will assist the officers of each company, define their fire ground responsibilities and also assist with familiarizing themselves with the equipment when back at the station.