Wastewater Treatment Facility

The Saint Peter Wastewater Treatment Facility (WWTF) is located at 400 West St. Julien Street. This project is the result of 10 years of planning, design and construction. By utilizing advanced technology, with careful attention to detail, this facility will provide effective treatment of wastewater for the Saint Peter area for decades to come. Its completion and operation demonstrate the commitment of Saint Peter and its citizens to the preservation of Minnesota's resources, protecting the environment for future generations.

Wastewater Treatment Plant MapWastewater Treatment Plant Information

  • Capacity Average Dry Season: 2 million gallons per day
  • Capacity Average Wet Season: 4 million gallons per day
  • Capacity Average: 1.28 million gallons per day
  • Communities served: 2
  • Discharges to: Minnesota River
  • Population served: 12,000
  • Type: Advanced secondary using biologically aerated filters with ultraviolet disinfection



If your school or group would like to take a tour and learn more, please contact 507-934-0670. The WWTF contains the Traverse des Sioux Laboratory.