Street Projects

Seal Coating

As a part of the City’s annual street maintenance program, the City performs a task called "seal coating". The city is divided into sections and the work is completed on a 5 to 6 year rotating basis in each section.

The annual seal coating of City streets will take place in August. Seal coating should be completed within 24 hours of the roadway being posted as “no parking”. In the event of rain, work will be completed the following day. Work ought to be completed with as little inconvenience as possible. Please do not water lawns so that water reaches the street surface, do not mow grass onto the street, and do not park any vehicles or other obstructions on the street after the posting of portable “No Parking” signs. Failure to observe the “No Parking” signs will necessitate the towing away of obstructions at the owner’s expense.

Driveway access for these streets will be available after the rock has been placed on the roadway surface and driveway restrictions should be limited to a very short period of time. Should you need to exit your driveway during this short period of time please make arrangements to park on streets that are not posted.

After the seal coating is placed, the rock will remain on the roadway for a few days to allow it to cure. “No Parking” signs will once again be posted 24-hours in advance of sweeping up the rock.

Your cooperation is appreciated regarding this matter. Should you have questions, please contact the Department of Public Works at 507-934-0670.