Food Waste Composting

The City of Saint Peter began our Food Waste “Green“ Composting program the summer of 2019.


  • The yard waste compost facility just off North Swift Street (1128 North Swift Street) adjacent to the National Guard Armory
  • The overflow parking area of Jefferson Fields (enter at 950 Menk Drive)

Specially signed containers will be provided at each site.

No Cost

This great program comes at no cost for City residential refuse customers and has the added benefit of possibly reducing the size of your refuse curbie which could save you money.

By offering this program, the City hopes to reduce waste going to the incinerator for waste to energy, see the use of these materials go to better environmental purposes, and, hopefully in the future, save a few dollars on overall disposal costs; not to mention making the world a better place!

How to Sign Up

  • Send an email to Finance Director, Sally Vogel, indicating your name, property address and phone number. In return you’ll receive a code that allows you to open the food waste compost dumpster at the collection site. Remember that code. We are asking for sign up and using the code so that we can communicate with you about future changes in the system, challenges we face, and amount of use. Our hope is to get a group of great users that can then help spread the word about the environmental and financial benefits of food waste composting.
  • Once you’ve received your code, begin dropping off allowed food waste at either site. The containers are available 24-7, but remember, the site doesn’t accept food in plastic bags. If you need to put the food waste in something, local retailers have compostable bags available for purchase.
  • Then, once your food waste is in the container, simply lock it back up and that’s it!

Compostable Materials

Below are materials that are accepted and are not accepted.

  1. Accepted Items
  2. Items Not Accepted

      Food Waste Graphic

Baked Goods (Pastas, Bread, Cereal)
Nuts, shells, Grounds, Filters, Tea Bags
Fruits, Vegetable, Peelings, Pits,
Dairy Products (Yogurt, Cheese)
Meats (Bones, Fish)
Compostable Materials

Paper Bags, Food-soiled Products, Pizza
Delivery Boxes, Cardboard, Egg Cartons
Flour, Sugar Bags, Napkins, Paper Towels
Parchment, Wax Paper, Plates, Cups
Bowls, Utensils, Straws and Certified Compostable:


For more information on food composting, please check out these links for tips and tricks on the benefits of composting, and look for more information from the City on backyard food waste composters: