Spring Curbside Collection

Branches/Brush/Tree Trimmings Curbside Collection: The City of Saint Peter will be collecting branches, brush, tree trimmings at curbside the week of May 4th. Staff will begin collection at 7 am. Monday, May 4th.


Tips to facilitate and speed up the collection process:

  1. Please place materials on your yard, parallel and adjacent to the curb (within six-feet (6’) of the curb line).
  2. Please do not put brush on the street.
  3. Brush and tree trimmings should be cut to lengths no longer than six feet.
  4. Please help us serve you better by placing brush away from curbies, light poles, trees, posts, mailboxes, utility boxes/pedestals, etc.
  5. Please refrain from parking near (within 50’) or in front of the yard waste until pick-up is complete.

Please note: it does take more than one day to pick up but we only go through an area once; therefore, if your yard waste is not out by 7 am. Monday, May 6th, it will not be picked up.

Drop Off Site

Should you miss the collection, brush can be taken to the City’s yard waste drop-off site.

Drop-off Site Open 24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week - The brush and soft yard waste drop-off sites located at 1128 Swift Street, (southwest intersection of St. Julien and Swift Streets) with access off Swift Street are open year around for your convenience in dropping off brush and soft yard waste. Brush and tree trimmings must be cut shorter than 6 feet. Separate bunker now provided for dropping off fill (rocks, dirt, etc.).

Woodchips & Compost Available To Citizens

Free woodchips and sifted compost material, when available, will be at the site for Saint Peter residents to pick up. While the material is free, please bring your own shovels, bags or containers to load and transport.

This service is provided and funded by the Environmental Service Fee on your utility bill. Please call the Department of Public Works at 507-934-0670 if you have any questions.