Yard Waste Site

Location -  The City is requiring that all customers use their "Access Pass" in order to enter and use the yard waste site. 

The Public Works Department is responsible for maintaining the yard waste drop-off site for the residents of the City of Saint Peter. The drop-off site is located at the corner of Swift Street and Saint Julien Street with access from Swift Street. Specifically, the address is:
1128 Swift Street
Saint Peter, MN 56082
The yard waste site is open 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.

View the location on Google Maps.

Items to Be Dropped Off

Residents may drop off brush or tree trimmings, leaves, grass clippings and garden waste. Brush and tree trimmings must be cut shorter than 6 feet. Residents can pick-up wood chips and compost at no charge based on availability.

In addition, areas are marked for soft yard waste and brush drop off. Access to the site is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. No processed lumber will be accepted at the site.

Contact Us

Questions regarding the yard waste drop-off site can be directed to the Public Works Department at 507-934-0670.


Beginning in the spring of 2021 all residents will receive an "Access Pass" (orange sticker) in your monthly utility billing. Each utility customer will receive one window sticker, please put this orange sticker in the upper corner of your driver's side front window.  If you have two vehicles that are used to access the yard waste site you may purchase additional stickers for $5 per sticker from the Finance Office located at 227 South Front Street.


Non-Residents still have the option to use the City's yard waste site as the City Council recently adopted a user's fee of $250 annually (January - December) to obtain an "Access Pass".  With payment each non-resident receives one sticker that must be placed in the upper corner of the driver's window. The colored "Access Pass" allows for identification that as a non-resident you have permission to use the City's yard waste site.  Access passes can be purchased through the Finance Office located at 227 South Front Street; if you have multiple vehicles that you wish to provide access to the yard waste site additional stickers can be obtained for $5 per sticker and can be purchased at the Finance Office.

Yard Maintenance Contractors 

The City Council also adopted user fees for contractors who wish to use the City's yard waste site for grass clippings and leaves from within the community.  Dumping yard waste from outside the City's limits without an "Access Pass" is illegal. An "Access Pass" fee of $300 annually (January - December) can be obtained from the Community Development Department  located at 227 South Front Street. This "Access Pass" will allow for the Contractor to dispose of grass clippings and leaves only.  If you have more than one vehicle requiring access, additional stickers can be purchased for $5 per sticker and can be purchased at the Community Development Department.

Tree Workers (must be Licensed)

If you need assistance caring for your trees and are thinking of hiring a contractor, we encourage you to check with the City before hiring someone. Only tree workers who have City licenses area allowed to operate in the community.  This licensing procedure involves providing proof of insurance and bonding in order to protect our citizens. If you hire an unlicensed contractor you may have no recourse should you need it.

Because of the high influx of branches and trees the City now has an annual disposal fee of $545 for Tree Workers wishing to access and dispose of branches and trees at the yard waste site located at 1128 Swift Street.  Residents who haul their own trees to the site may still access the site under their residential access pass for no additional charge. Tree Workers wishing to have additional vehicles access the disposal site may purchase stickers for $5 and can be obtained and paid for at the same time as registering for your annual Tree Workers License at the Community Development Department located at 227 South Front Street. Please call 507-934-0661 before hiring a contractor to verify that your tree worker is licensed!

Licensed Tree Workers