Youth Activities

Snail Mail Cards

May 28 - Heroes! Firefighters, Police Officer, Nurses/Doctors & Teachers

Make a card, a couple templates are posted below, drop it off to the Recreation Office by the deadline and Rec Staff will distribute the cards.

Birthday Card       Warm Welcome
Valentine's Day Card
Firefighters           Police Officer
Nurses/Doctors    Teachers

Or just create your own :) 

Youth Football

Mankato/North Mankato is taking over the fall football program. Practice will be held in Saint Peter but games are played in Mankato Saturday mornings.

Flyer                   Register

Summer Camps 

Lil Rascals - preschool
Jr. Explore IT! - K through Grade 5
Volunteer in the Park

Special Events

Track and Field Day - June 24 1:30p.m. Middle School (please register ahead of time) Watermelon Feed - June 30 3p.m. Outdoor Pool
Fishing Contest - July 15 2p.m. Mill Pond
Neighborhood Night to Unite - August 3 5-9p.m. Your neighborhood
Summer Celebration - August 9 5:30-7:30p.m. Outdoor Pool


  • Be Prepared...NOT Scared

  • Home Alone

  • Child and Babysitting

Summer Camps

  • Lil Rascals

  • Jr. Explorer

  • Explore It