Distributed Energy Resources (DER) (Solar Panels)

The City of Saint Peter utilizes the Minnesota Municipal Interconnection Process (M-MIP). Interconnection information is found below.  Before the interconnection process can begin, a City of Saint Peter Building Permit Application must be approved.

The building permit can be obtained by contacting the Building Department at 507-934-0662, stopping by 227 S. Front St. or clicking on the link: Building Permit Application.

Both the Building Permit Application and Interconnection Application (found below) must be submitted to the Building Department found at 227 S. Front St. All fees will be processed at the Building Department.  

Questions regarding the Interconnection Application may contact Jason Lee, Electric Superintendent at 507-934-0670, located at the City of Saint Peter Public Works Office 405 W St Julien St.

Interconnection Information

1) Booklets - Anyone requested interconnect information receives a Process Overview booklet and the appropriate Process booklet (b, c, or d).

  1. Process Overview
  2. Simplified Process (under 20kW capacity)
  3. Fast Track Process (see applicability within)
  4. Study Process (see applicability within)

2) Initial Procedural Forms

  1. Pre-application Report Request
  2. Pre-application Report
  3. Simplified Interconnection Application (for Simplified Process)
  4. Standard Interconnection Application (for Fast Track and Study Processes)

3) Supplemental Agreement Forms

  1. Supplemental Review Offer
  2. System Impact Study Agreement
  3. Facility Study Agreement
  4. Transmission System Impact Study Agreement

4) Final Agreement Forms

  1. Uniform Contract (generally under 40kW capacity)
  2. Minnesota Municipal Interconnection Agreement (over 40kW or upon customer request)
  3. Certificate of Completion

5) Additional Documents

  1. City of Saint peter Technical Specification Manual (TSM)
  2. State of Minnesota Technical Interconnection and Interoperability Requirements (TIIR)
  3. DER Testing Procedure
  4. Solar Photovoltaic Systems and the 2020 Minnesota Residential Code
  5. 2023 City of Saint Peter Average Retail Rate - Schedule 1
  6. 2022 SMMPA Average Incremental Cost - Schedule 4

Contact Us

For further information on distributed generation and interconnection contact the Public Works Director at 507-934-0670.