Site Plan Requirements

The following information is generally required on a site plan:              

  • Address and/or lot, block and subdivision
  • Distance of property lines from the proposed and existing buildings
  • Front, rear and side property lines, indicating the length and width of the lot
  • Indicate Northpoint
  • Location of utility room
  • Location, size (dimensions) and use of existing and proposed buildings, include sidewall height of proposed buildings
  • Locations of alleys, streets, easements (drainage, utility or walkway), and public right-of-ways - Please label vacated alleys and/or streets
  • Name, signature and date of person preparing the site plan.
  • Need 2 set of plans
  • Proposed location of sewer and water lines, electric and gas meters, sump baskets and drainage lines.
  • Proposed or existing driveways.

After a preliminary review, additional information may be required.

General Residential Setbacks

General Residential Setbacks are on the City Zoning Code (PDF) or you can contact the Community Development Director at 507-934-0661 to learn more.