New Construction Reminders

  • If the construction site is not stabilized prior to winter the permit holder is responsible to provide temporary stabilization for the winter months. Erosion and Sediment control still needs to be installed and maintained during winter months.
  • If contractors are using the right-of-way and damage occurs to sidewalk or curbing the contractor will be responsible for replacement.
  • If turf damage occurs in the right-of-way the contractor will be responsible for resodding the area. A certificate of occupancy will not be issued until repairs have been made.
  • Please review the Saint Peter Turf Establishment requirements for occupancy. Please note that a timeline has been established for stabilization. If the permit holder is the homeowner and they have not seen this packet, please inform them of the areas that are sod and the areas that can be seeded according to the Standard Detail Number 3022 or Number 3023.
  • Portable toilets and dumpsters will not be allowed in the right-of-way without an obstruction permit. If you do not want to obtain an obstruction permit please place it on private property.
  • Residential 1" Line Water Access Charge is $900 and the Sewer Access Charge is $750. The Water Utility is providing the 1” copper for installation of the water service. In the Public Works Checklist there has been an area added for you to indicate what length of copper you will need. When you are ready for the copper please call 507-934-0670 and ask for the Water Foreman. He will get the materials ready for pick up. Please provide a 4 hour notice. The water service will not be energized until the excess copper is returned the water utility.
  • Vacant lots adjacent to construction property are not intended for construction purposes. If permission is granted from land owner a separate security deposit for each disturbed lot will be required. If the area disturbed is not corrected to city standards the security deposit will be used to restore the area.
  • Weekly inspections will be conducted by the Stormwater Utility inspector. It is the contractor’s responsibility to make sure all erosion and sediment controls are in place and in compliance. The contractor should be inspecting their own job site as indicated in the original Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) for that subdivision. If you do not have a copy of the SWPPP you can get one from the subdivision developer. Inspections will be completed weekly and after every half-inch of rain.
  • When installing the curb cut please call the stormwater Utility to set up an inspection. Please follow standard detail Number 7020R.

Bonds & Surety

Homeowners can sign a waiver (not contractors who are building on property they own) but here they are assuming responsibility for someone else.

Contractors who own property still need to put down a deposit because they can sell the property before the project is finished and then the City can not assess any cost so the agreement is invalid.