Inspection Regulations

Scheduling Building, Plumbing & Heating Inspections

Request inspections by calling the Building Department at 507-934-0662 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.  

Advanced Notice Required

To facilitate scheduling, we ask that requests for inspections be made in advance as far ahead as possible - at least one full business day in advance.  Please have the address, permit number, and type of inspection needed when making your request.

Required Inspections

  1. Building inspections
  2. Plumbing Inspections
  3. Heating Inspections
  4. Electrical Inspections
  5. Fireplace Inspections
  1. Footing: After footings are formed, setbacks are identified, and before pouring concrete
  2. Foundation: After damp proofing, and the installation of all exterior insulation and foundation drains are in place, and before any backfilling occurs
  3. Framing: After all rough electrical, plumbing and heating is approved and the roof is weather resistant
  4. Insulation: After all insulation, wind wash, and vapor barriers are in place, and the roof is weather proof
  5. Wallboard: After all wallboard is installed and before joints and fasteners are taped and finished
  6. Final: After all final electrical, plumbing and heating is approved, the building is completed, and before occupancy

A Certificate of Occupancy for new buildings will be issued when all inspections have been approved and the inspection record is returned to the Building Department.