Saint Peter Police Reserve Unit


The Police Reserves are an integral part of Police Department operations. This all-volunteer group provides thousands of hours of service to the community each year. These volunteers provide much utility to the police department. Their duties often entail:

  • Assist and support during missing persons searches
  • Assist patrol activities
  • Emergency Management Response and Support (floods, etc.)
  • Organize community events and special activities
  • Secure and guard crime scenes


The Saint Peter Police Reserve Unit has evolved over time into a true community service unit. The Unit has an authorized strength of 24 volunteer members. Each member of the unit is trained in various areas of police response. They all undergo various application and screening processes to become members of the organization.


The Reserve Unit is self-supporting. Without the service of the unit it would be extremely difficult for the department to maintain order and provide for the safety of the community during large-scale community events such as the Independence Day Celebration.

The Unit provides in excess of 3000 hours during the course of a year. Without this effort the cost for such large-scale events would be substantial.