Community Service Officer


The Community Service Officer (CSO) fulfills a support role within the department. This is a dynamic and functional duty. Responsibilities include: 

  • Animal control
  • Bicycle education and enforcement
  • Car seat checks and clinics
  • Code enforcement
  • Community service activities
  • Public education
  • Support services

Animal Control

The Community Service Officer (CSO) spends much time on animal control problems. This entails working with residents in an effort to license animals and loaning traps to residents for wild animal relocation. Thanks to the CSO, most impounded animals are returned to their owners or successfully adopted by a new owner.

Code Enforcement

Another major role of the CSO is code enforcement. This includes identifying nuisances and responding to nuisance complaints. Examples of common nuisance complaints are; unregistered or inoperable vehicles, discarded furniture and appliances, unused building materials, brush and weeds. It’s necessary to identify violators and work with property owners in an effort to abate the nuisance. 

The CSO also conducts residential “vacation” surveys, organizes department projects, and provides delivery of various department correspondence. 

Contact the Community Service Officer

Janet Ireland: Email Janet or call 507-931-1550.