Communications Technicians have extremely varied functions. Most significantly communications technicians are often the first to interact with the public. Over the course of a year Communications Technicians have received about 9,500 people at the department. In addition they have handled over 60,000 radio and telephone calls. 

Most calls received are customer service related. Communications Technicians must have the ability and knowledge to interact with a wide range of people. Certainly they must be adept at handling emergency situations often requiring quick and decisive action.


Communications Technicians are also required to perform many other duties:

  • After hours city coordination
  • Bicycle inspection and registration
  • Burglar and fire alarm monitoring
  • Documentation of all personal contact, and calls received
  • Fire Department dispatching
  • Initiation of crime alerts
  • Processing reports and records
  • State, local and national computer data entry
  • Support patrol and investigation, etc.
  • Support various police agencies
  • Transcription of interviews