Q: Can I locate someone’s property corners if I am not licensed as a Land Surveyor in the State of Minnesota? 
A: No.
Minnesota Statute 326.02, subdivision 4 (1994) states "Land surveying means the application of the principles of mathematics, physical and applied sciences and law to measuring and locating lines, angles, elevations and natural or artificial features in the air, on the surface of the earth, underground and on the beds of bodies of water for the purpose of: 
  • monumenting property boundaries;
  • planning, designing, and platting of land subdivisions including the topography, alignment and grades of streets; and
  • preparing and perpetuating maps, record plats and property descriptions.
Any person who offers to perform, holds out as being able to perform, or who does perform land surveying for others shall be practicing land surveying."
Each time someone locates a property corner that person has now established a property line. Any person who is not licensed in the State of Minnesota and locates property corners is in violation of Statute 326.02, Subdivision 1 and 4.