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Effective June 27th Jefferson Avenue Closure – The portion of Jefferson Avenue from Nicollet Avenue to Gardner Road has been closed to thru traffic. Only local residents will be allowed access to the road. This project is expected to last through August. We apologize for the inconvenience, but look forward to the newly constructed roadway by the end of summer!

Citywide Crack Sealing started Monday, June 26.

For more information please contact Public Works at 507-934-0670.


Just a friendly reminder that there are several areas within the City of Saint Peter that are “CLOSED” for construction. It may include a roadway, a sidewalk or a trail; but closed means closed – no car, truck or foot traffic is allowed in these areas.

Our construction crews are seeing too many people wander onto construction sites to see what is going on – a reminder that this is a violation of the law and can be enforced. 

Thanks for your help in keeping the work site safe. 



DATE:           April 10, 2017

FROM:           Seth Greenwood, P.E.

                      Public Works Director/County Engineer

                      Nicollet County Public Works Department

                      507-931-1760 for Additional Information

ROAD CONSTRUCTION:  Improvements to Nicollet County State Aid Highway 5 (Broadway Avenue) in the City of St. Peter beginning May 1st.

County Road 5 motorists will encounter a detour between County Road 40 and Sunrise Drive as improvements to this section of County Road 5 are made.

Improvements to CSAH 5 (Broadway Avenue) include rehabilitation and concrete surfacing from Sunrise Drive to Oshawa Township Road #357, construction of a roundabout at the intersection of Oshawa Township Road #357 and the St. Peter High School entrance, right turn lane at 361st Ave, and a right turn lane at the intersection of CSAH 5 and CSAH 20.

Detour route will include County Road 40, State Highway 99, and State Highway 169.  Motorists are asked to allot extra time to reach their destinations safely during construction.

Mathiowetz Construction Co. of Sleepy Eye is the prime contractor on the $2,997,061 project.

Work on this project is anticipated to be completed by late August 2017.

Project Contact Information   Nicollet County Public Works Department         507-931-1760

Dave Sandvik, Assistant County Engineer     

Progress Updates -

Week of July 17th - 




CITY STREET WORK UNDERWAY BEGINNING IN MAY – This summer will be like all the others before and the City’s Street crews will be busy making repairs and improvements to area roadways. From crack sealing, to seal coating, to full depth patching, our crews work very hard to keep Saint Peter roads in tiptop condition. Work will begin in earnest on May 30th when City crews will begin removing asphalt with a milling machine in areas where full depth asphalt patching is required. This is followed by replacement of the asphalt surface. Many years ago, this was done by shoveling hot “tar” onto the roadway, but times have changed and now the City uses a milling machine and asphalt paving machine to complete the work. This work is being done in the same areas that will see seal coating later this summer. It is done in advance of the seal coating in large areas that have sustained significant damage or deterioration. These areas are blocked by traffic cones during the work and drivers are asked to be extra cautious in and around the construction zones. During the patching work temporary “no parking” restrictions are put in place so that the work can commence on schedule without trying to find vehicle owners to move vehicles off the roadway. City staff will identify which areas will be closed to public parking and will post “no parking” signs 24-hours in advance.

Approximately 1700 tons of asphalt is planned for removal at the following locations:  Swift and Fair Streets  Madison Street  North 3rd and 4th  West Skaro Street  Livermore and Ramsey  Chatham and Chestnut  Mill Pond circle road  South 7th.

Later in the summer, crack sealing will be completed and then the seal coating contractor will show up towards the end of summer. Crack sealing is a process where cracks in the roadway are cleared of all debris (using high pressure air) and then a sealant material is placed in the crack before a toilet paper type of material is placed on top of the sealant. This process moves very quickly which means minimal disruption for property owners along the route. Because it works so quickly parking restrictions should not be necessary in most cases. Seal coating is done on a 5-8 year rotation throughout the community. The work is done to prevent moisture from seeping under the pavement which causes the surface to deteriorate with cracking and spalling. During seal coating, the roadway is covered in asphaltic oil that is then covered with small red rock. As soon as the rock material is placed, drivers can use the roadway. The rock is left in place for several days to ensure it fully adheres before the excess rock is swept up by the City Streets crew. The seal coat contractor usually comes during August and the work takes several days.

For more information on street repair and maintenance work, please contact the Public Works Department at 934-0670.

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Highway 99 Bridge at St. Peter to close for construction March 8

Early project start means early finish

MANKATO, Minn. – The Highway 99 Minnesota River Bridge at St. Peter closed for construction on Wednesday, March 8.  Traffic is detoured to Highway 22 and Le Sueur County Road 21 until the project is completed in early October.

The Highway 99 Bridge preservation project was initially slated to begin around April 3, however MnDOT is allowing the contractor an early start to perform work over the river with current low water levels to prevent the establishment of migratory bird nests.  The work includes a sheeting that will prevent nesting and catch any debris before it falls into the river. Working in a river is often a dynamic situation and MnDOT is obligated to be sensitive to its natural resources.  Starting the work in early March moves the completion date from late October to early October.

The project includes preserving the 1931 historic bridge by strengthening the truss floor beams, repairing the piers and abutment, adding riprap (rocks) around abutments, replacing the bridge deck and sidewalk, adding new lights and repainting the structure the original color of a dark green.

The detour will also accommodate work that will take place later in the construction season including an upgrade to the UP Railroad crossing east of the bridge and the City of St. Peter project on Highway 99/Broadway from Minnesota Avenue to the Minnesota Bridge. 

A detour map and more information can be found at .

The project has been awarded to Kraemer North America LLC with a bid of $4,416,517.

For updated road condition information, call 511 or visit