February 20th Snowstorm News - SNOW EMERGENCY DECLARED

UPDATED AT 10:06 A.M. - The City of Saint Peter declared a snow emergency.  For a complete listing of snow emergency regulations, please visit http://www.saintpetermn.gov/city-snow-emergency-rules.  For up-to-date information on snow emergencies, please call the City information line at 507-934-0675 and follow the prompts for snow emergency information.


Snowmageddon Update: So February has turned into "Snowmegeddan". Yippee. There are lots of questions from the public about various things. Let's address what we can now.

First of all, if you have garbage collection today, LJP is in town and working on their Wednesday route. If that changes we'll let you know.

Second, City crews are out plowing snow emergency routes and City officials are making a determination on what the plowing plan will be for today and tonight. ...

Snow emergency rules are also available on the CIty's website at http://www.saintpetermn.gov/city-snow-emergency-rules