Campaign Material Etiquette


Campaign Material Etiquette – State law allows temporary campaign signs to be up until just a few days after the special March 10th election.  For a bond referendum election, it seems odd to think of “campaigning”, but both sides of the issue have begun to publicize their position and signs and ribbons have begun appearing around the community.  There are several regulations that must be followed for these signs/ribbons.

  • Signs (or ribbons) are not allowed anywhere on public property.  This includes City, County and State owned rights-of-way, structures in the City-owned boulevard and City parks.  The rules of thumb we follow to determine what is City owned boulevard (or right-of-way) are as follows:
    • If a public sidewalk exists, signs may be placed behind the sidewalk; or
    • If no sidewalk exists, it is safe to assume that a sign placed twenty feet (20’) behind the curb line will be on private property.
    • Signs can only be put on private property with permission of the private property owner.  When asking private property owners to place signs, candidates are encouraged to review the rules with the property owner.  Oftentimes signs are initially placed correctly, only to have helpful home owners move the signs closer to the curb line in violation of the regulations or to move the sign when doing yard work and not return it to the legal location.
    • Signs must not obstruct sightlines for drivers.
    • Signs can not be attached to City light poles, street signs, traffic control devices like stop signs, trees, shrubs, rocks, fences or other City owned structures.

If you have campaign materials on your vehicle (bumper stickers) or person (buttons, t-shirts, etc...), please remember that these materials are not allowed in the parking lots or buildings of City polling places.  The Nicollet County Government Center property is currently an absentee polling place and as such, no campaign materials are allowed anywhere on the property, including the parking lot.  That rule also applies on March 10th to the Kasota Community Center, MVED Building on Davis Street, the National Guard Armory and the Saint Peter Community Center which will all be polling places on this special on Election Day.  Voters will need to remove any visible campaign materials from their person before entering the polling place and anyone with a bumper sticker or other materials visible on their vehicle will not be allowed to park in the parking lot of the polling place.

For more information on campaign signs or election regulations, please contact the City Administrator’s Office (934-0663).