December 3, 2013

December 3, 2013

The regular scheduled meeting of the Saint Peter Planning & Zoning Commission was called to order at 5:30 p.m. by Chairperson Chelsea Alger, Commission members present were Alger, John Kvamme, Chuck Zieman, Jerry Harty, Cole Turrittin, and Eli Hoehn.  City staff present was Director of Community Development Russ Wille and Administrative Secretary Cindy Moulton.


A motion was made by Kvamme, seconded by Harty to approve the agenda as presented.  All members voting aye, the motion carried.


A motion was made by Zieman, seconded by Turritin to approve the minutes of the November 12, 2013 meeting.  All voting in favor, the motion carried.


River Valley Birth Center

Wille stated that Joe and Erika Urban have submitted the proper forms and have paid the appropriate fee for consideration of a Conditional Use Permit to allow for the establishment of a Birthing Center at 526 Park Row. Erika Urban is a practicing midwife that has been licensed by the Board of Medical Practice for the State of Minnesota since 2009.  She has served the southern Minnesota area since that time.

At this time, Ericka has home births scheduled through May, 2014 and anticipates approximately 4 births per month during this time period.  She has been required to turn away business due to the limitations presented by a practice restricted to providing home births.  If a Birthing Center were available, she would be able to attend two births at once in a single facility.

Wille stated that the Birth Center will not be staffed or occupied at all times.  When labor is imminent, the expectant mother and partner will travel to meet Erika at the Birthing Center.  In addition to the midwife, a midwifery student or other birthing attendant will assist in the delivery of the child.  A typical birth will be attended by the mother and partner or other close friend or family member.  At the busiest time, the Birthing Center may be occupied by no more than 8 – 10 persons.

Wille said that in Minnesota, birthing centers must be accredited by the Commission for the Accreditation of Birth Centers (CABC).  While the accreditation from the CABC is pending, the birthing center may obtain a six (6) month, temporary license.  Upon accreditation, the birthing center can obtain licensure from the Minnesota Department of Health.

The CABC has established standards which must be followed to obtain and maintain accreditation, and thus state licensing.  Wille stated that the Building Official will conduct any inspections related to construction and that the construction would need to meet the residential code.

Alger asked if there was a need to address fire safety.  Wille indicated that fire safety issues falls under the residential building code.  It was also noted that there will be EXIT signs with backup battery lights. 

Alger also asked about biohazard pick up.  Ericka indicated that the material would be stored in a locked garage until pickup day.

The 526 West Park Row Property is zoned (R-2) One & Two Family Dwelling and Is currently a licensed residential rental unit.  With the exception of the land across the street (South Washington Ave. used for parking), the adjoining properties are all utilized as single family residential dwellings.  As such, the neighboring uses of land are considered to be permitted.

A motion was made by Alger, seconded by Zieman to introduce Resolution No. 2013-12 entitled, “A Resolution Recommending The Conditional Approval Of A Conditional Use Permit Application Submitted By Joe & Erika Urban To Establish A Birthing Center At 526 West Park Row” with the addition of the following; “WHEREAS, given that the proposed 526 West Park Row location is accessed from a collector street (South Washington Avenue), the use will not involve any activity substantially increasing the movement of traffic on public streets; and C)  The Birthing Center shall be limited to a maximum of two (2) birthing rooms. D) The exterior of the structure(s) may not be altered and the residential character and appearance of the property shall be preserved. E)  The use shall not include the exterior display or storage of materials or good which indicate the presence of the Birthing Center.  F)  The Birthing Center shall not involve any mechanical, electrical or other equipment which produces noise, electrical interference, magnetic interference, vibration, heat, glare or other nuisance discernible from the exterior of the structure  F)  The Birthing Center shall not involve any mechanical, electrical or other equipment which produces noise, electrical interference, magnetic interference, vibration, heat, glare or other nuisance discernible from the exterior of the structure.  G)  One (1) unlighted sign not to exceed two (2) square feet in area which depicts the presence of the Birthing Center shall be allowed provided that it be installed flat against the exterior of the primary structure.  (H)  The Birthing Center shall not generate nor emit any noise, vibration, smoke, dust or other particulate matter, odorous matter, heat, humidity, glare, refuse or radiation which would be determined to be noxious, offensive or hazardous.  (I)  No more than one (1) commercial vehicle utilized in connection to the birth center shall be parked on the property or adjacent public street.   All members voting aye, the Resolution was passed and adopted as amended.


Intern – The intern started last week and is working out of the Bolton and Menk Office in Mankato.  He is preparing maps for the Comprehensive Plan amendment.

Future Action Items – Vacation of Trunk Hwy 295, annex the property west of town that the City purchased and replatting Welco West.

A motion was made by Harty, seconded by Hoehn to adjourn.  All in favor the meeting adjourned at 7:38 p.m.