July 23, 2015

Economic Development Authority
Saint Peter Community Center – Governors Room

Call to Order:

The regular July, 2015 meeting of the Saint Peter Economic Development Authority (EDA) was called to order at 12:03 p.m. by Member Cory Abels.

EDA members Abels, Jay Hansen, John Kvamme, James Dunn, and Chuck Zieman, in attendance.  Community Development Director Russ Wille and Administrative Secretary Cindy Moulton was also in attendance.


Motion by Kvamme, seconded by Dunn to approve the meeting agenda as prepared.  All voted in favor of the motion.  Motion carried.


Motion by Kvamme, seconded by Zieman to approve the minutes of the June 25, 2015 meeting of the EDA as prepared and presented.  All voted in favor, the motion carried.

Revolving Loan Fund Guidelines – Draft Amendment

Wille reviewed the changes of the Revolving Loan Fund Guidelines that were recommended at the June 25, 2015 EDA meeting.  He stated there were typographical errors that were already corrected.

Zieman pointed out that 4.2a does not seem relevant as the county has had changes in establishing market values of homes and businesses.  Members agreed that 4.2a should be deleted.

A motion was made by Dunn, seconded by Hansen to recommend to the City Council to approve the revised revolving loan guidelines. All members voting aye, the motion carried.

Wille said that would be attending the City Council workshop on August 3, 2015 to discuss the guidelines.

Ritt Street - Wille reported that the City closed on 430 Ritt Street last Friday and utilities have been changed over to Marvin Kottke dba Spring Touch Lawn Specialists, Inc. .

North Storm Water Ponds – The City is in negotiations with Ken Dahlgren and Cunningham’s for the purchase of their property located east of Old Minnesota Avenue.  The City plans to construct a storm water detention pond to collect run off of the properties in the area.  The storm water detention pond located behind Shopko could be eliminated once the new pond is completed.  Wille stated that the State’s requirements on stormwater change with a population increase over 10,000 residents.

O’Reilly Automotive – O’Reilly Automotive intends to purchase the St. Peter Greenhouse property.  Public Works, Bolton & Menk and Wille have been working with the automotive company answering questions and giving suggestions.  Wille said that MNDOT will need to review the plans before construction can begin.

Heritage Preservation – Renovation/Repair Revolving Loans – The Heritage Preservation Commission and City Council had a meeting to consider a minimum maintenance ordinance to avoid demolition by neglect. Wille said the Council considered expanding the Façade Loan Program to include roofing, windows, brick etc. but not to pass an ordinance holding business owners accountable for the upkeep of the exterior of their building.  Wille said the program currently remains in place.

Sweat Equity – Wille reported that Sweat Equity is in the process of paying off their revolving loan.

Bakery – Wille indicated that there is someone interested in opening a bakery in Saint Peter.  He/she has been working with a bank and the SBA.  He stated that a revolving loan request may be submitted for consideration at the August meeting.

Parking Lot #5 – Wille stated he has been in contact with a potential developer of Parking Lot #5.  The City Council is considering a RFP for the lot.  Wille said that the developer he is currently working with will not respond to a RFP, and more than likely another developer would not.  Kvamme suggested marketing the lot less formally.

Drummer - Hansen asked if Drummer had an agreement as to how many homes needed to be built in West Welco by a certain time.  Wille said there was an incentive of $50,000 to complete his projection but Drummer was doubtful he would meet the criteria.

Handicap Accessible Improvement Funds - Hansen asked if there was still money available for those businesses interested in handicap accessibility improvements.  Wille stated there is money available.  He also said that it was suggested that a consultant be hired to evaluate those buildings without handicap accessibility.

Former El Agave Building (S 3rd St.) - There has not been any official interest in the El Agave building on South Third Street.

Former Texaco Station (N Minnesota Avenue) - There has not been any interest in the former Texaco station located on North Minnesota Avenue.  Wille said that the building is in the possession of a bank. Wille tried to contact the bank but they did not return his phone call.  It is believed there are underground tanks located on the property but the MPCA doesn’t believe there has been any leakage from the tanks.

Saint Peter Childcare - Wille reported that the Saint Peter Childcare is up to date with their revolving loan payments but that they do have other monetary obligations.  He stated they would like to rent more space in the Community Center.

Market Rate Housing - Wille announced that there is a party interested in developing a market rate housing development, which would be large enough for 20 homes to be built.


With no further business before the EDA, a motion was made by Dunn, seconded by Hansen to adjourn.  The meeting adjourned at 12:39 p.m.