(Mid)West of Somalia Documentary Film

March 1, 2018 - 6:30pm - 7:45pm
St. Peter High School Theater

(Mid)West of Somalia Documentary Offers Behind-the-Scenes Glimpse into the Everyday Lives of Local Somali-American Millennials

Since the 1990s, Minnesota has become home to more than 30,000 immigrants from Somalia and other East African nations. In the documentary film “(Mid)West of Somalia,” several Somali-American millennials provide a behind-the-scenes glimpse into their everyday lives. From career aspirations to the joys of the hijab, from bigotry in the shopping aisle to surprising encounters with bacon, these savvy and smart women and men offer insights you will not discover on the six o’clock news.

6:30 pm - Light refreshments with the panelists and filmmakers. 
7:00 pm - (Mid)West of Somalia
7:40 pm - Q& A with a panel of local Somali-Americans, including participants in the film, who will discuss their experiences and respond to audience questions. 

Runtime approx. 35 minutes. Appropriate for all audiences.

Sponsored by Nicollet County Historical Society, Community & Family Education, Gustavus Adolphus College, Recreation & Leisure Services, and the Senior Center.