Erosion Control

  • Standard Detail Plates                                                                                                          Erosion Control Rquirements (PDF)

All construction site activity in the City of Saint Peter shall include the necessary precautions to control and
mitigate the erosion of soil, sediment, silt, gravel, or other material onto adjacent roadways and properties. The
Property Owner and/or Permit Holder for the construction site shall be responsible for complying with the
requirements set forth below, including activities by subcontractors, suppliers, or others involved with the
construction project. The list represents minimum requirements for all sites – larger projects or projects located
on erosion prone or erosion sensitive sites may be subject to additional measures at the discretion of the
Building Department or the Stormwater Utility.

1. Construction sites will be required to install erosion control measures. Construction site exits must
have a rock entrance that meets or exceeds Standard Detail Plate No: 3005 or an alternative
approved in advance by the Public Works Director. Silt fence shall be installed in compliance with
Standard Detail Plate No: 3003 and/or 3004 to protect the adjacent properties and be maintained
until all lawn or landscaping is installed.
2. The MPCA has determined that all areas disturbed by excavation and backfilling operations which
exposed soil must be stabilized no later than 7 days after the construction activity in that portion of
the site has temporarily or permanently ceased.
3. All materials, tracked or otherwise deposited on roadways adjacent to a construction site or on
roadways being used as haul routes for material being delivered to or removed from a site, shall be
cleaned daily, unless more frequent cleaning is required by the Stormwater Utility.
4. All material, which is deposited on adjacent roadways as a result of a precipitation event, shall be
removed, including the cleaning of storm sewer or overland drainage ditches, within 24 hours
following the event.
5. Should the Property Owner/Permit Holder fail to provide adequate erosion and sediment control or
to clean the material from the roadway as needed/directed the following steps may be taken:
a. A Field Compliance Order or Notice of Violation will be issued.
b. If the problem still exists and is not corrected in the timeframe indicated in the Field
Compliance Order or Notice of Violation, the City may make provisions to perform corrective
action. All costs incurred by the City for said corrective action shall be billed to the Property
Owner/Permit Holder.
c. No inspections shall be done and a Certificate of Occupancy will not be issued until such time
as payment(s) for the work have been made.
d. Issuance of additional permits to the Permit Holder for other construction projects within the
City of Saint Peter will be withheld until such time as corrective action is completed.
I, _______(Name)___________________________, the Property Owner/Permit Holder for the construction activity taking

place at ________(Address)__________________________ in the City of Saint Peter declares that I have read,

Understood, and will abide by the conditions listed above regarding Erosion Control on this project.

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                                                                                                                                                Erosion and Sediment Control Agreement (PDF)
CITY OF SAINT PETER . 507-934-0662
THIS AGREEMENT made and entered this ____ day of ___________ 20___, by and between ______________________ and ____________________________, husband and wife/a single person, hereinafter referred to as “OWNER” and the City of Saint Peter, a municipal corporation under the laws of the State of Minnesota, hereinafter referred to as “CITY”. 
WHEREAS, OWNER is the owner of real property located at ______________________, St. Peter, MN. 56082, real estate tax parcel number____.______.________ legally described as follows: ________________________________________________
WHEREAS, OWNER has applied for a building permit which building permit requires the OWNER to provide for erosion and
sediment control;
WHEREAS, Saint Peter City Ordinance No.371, requires the OWNER to provide for erosion and sediment control throughout the
course of the permit;
WHEREAS, Saint Peter City Ordinance No. 371, requires the OWNER to secure the performance of the erosion and sediment
control with a $3,000.00 bond to secure the CITY’S erosion and sediment control standards;
WHEREAS, the CITY has established a policy which allows OWNERS to execute an assessment against their property in lieu of
posting of a $3,000.00 bond;
WHEREAS, the OWNER wishes to accept the CITY’S offer of assessment;
WHEREAS, in consideration of the CITY'S acceptance of the waiver of assessment agreement rather than requiring the OWNER
to post a $3,000.00 bond, the OWNER waives its rights, pursuant to Minnesota Statute Chapter 429, to notice of hearing and
objection to the amount of the assessment;
WHEREAS, the OWNER agrees to comply with erosion and sediment control requirements as set forth in the CITY’S permit;
WHEREAS, in the event the OWNER fails to comply with the erosion and sediment control requirements as set forth by the CITY
and the CITY is required to bring the OWNER’S project into compliance with the erosion and sediment control requirements, the
CITY will retain a contractor or will, with CITY labor, complete the corrections required to complete the project:
WHEREAS, in the event the CITY is required to make the corrections, the OWNER agrees to pay the CITY the costs the CITY
incurred to make the correction through the levy of an assessment on the benefited property, payable over a five (5) year period
at an interest rate not to exceed eight percent (8%). The cost of the assessment shall be taxable cost of bringing the project into
compliance which shall not exceed $3,000.00.
NOW, THEREFORE, be it hereby agreed between the parties hereto that:
  1. OWNER will comply with the erosion and sediment control requirements as set forth in the building permit and City Ordinances.
  2. In the event OWNER fails to comply with the erosion and sediment control requirements as set forth in the permit and City Ordinances and the CITY is required to complete or correct the erosion and sediment control on the property and the permitted right-of-way adjacent to the property, the OWNER will pay all costs to repair, replace, and correct the erosion and sediment control on the property and in the permitted right-of-way of the full project. Payment shall be made upon completion of the project or alternatively through special assessments levied against OWNER’S property in accordance with Minnesota Statute Chapter 429.
  3. OWNER waives his rights pursuant to Minnesota Statutes Chapter 429, to notice of a hearing and objection to the amount of the assessment
  4. CITY will assess OWNER'S property pursuant to Minnesota Chapter 429.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have set their hands this day and year first written above.
BY: __________________________      _____________________________
BY: __________________________       _____________________________
       Chuck Zieman - Mayor                          Todd Prafke - City Administrator