Transit Denial of Service Policy

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It is the intent of Minnesota River Valley Transit (MRVT) to provide prompt and courteous service to all our passengers.  In furtherance of that intent, MRVT has expectations of passenger behavior while boarding, riding and alighting from MRVT buses.  The Rider’s Guide is printed in the MRVT brochure, on the website and following this paragraph.

• Be ready and make yourself visible as the bus approaches
• Have your fare ready before boarding
• Exact fare is required as Bus Drivers do not have access to change
• Please be seated promptly
• Remain seated at all times
• No eating, drinking or handling of food in open containers
• Riders must have proper clothing including shirt and shoes
• Riders must be respectful
• Check for personal belongings before leaving the bus
• Remain seated until the bus has come to a complete stop
• No firearms, weapons. or fireworks of any type are allowed
• No smoking, littering or alcohol consumption are allowed
• Bus Drivers have the right to refuse transit service to any person they deem to be a threat to the safety or health of the driver or other passengers
• Bus Drivers may refuse service to anyone who is disruptive or is a threat to themselves or to others

At times individuals may choose not to follow the Rider’s Guide.  In the event that occurs, Bus Drivers are instructed to ask passengers to comply with the rules in the Rider’s Guide.  Passengers who choose not to comply with the Driver’s instructions may be asked to get off the bus. 

Upon learning of a passenger’s willful failure to follow the Rider’s Guide, the Transit Compliance Manager and/or the Transit Operations Manager may take one of the following actions based on the severity of the passenger’s actions.  The Manager is not required to start at Step 1 and may choose to start the process at other step based on the severity of the violation of the Rider’s Guide.

1. Written Warning
2. Written Warning including a probation period with possible ride denial
3. Ride denial for periods of time from 1 week up to permanent denial of service

In the event that the violation of the Rider’s Guide involved criminal behavior, the above steps would occur in addition to any actions taken by law enforcement.

If a passenger chooses to appeal the actions taken by the Manager, that appeal should be directed to the Saint Peter City Administrator within 10 calendar days of the  denial of service or the right to appeal is waived.  The appeal must be in writing and must be submitted to the City Administrator at the following address:

City Administrator
227 S. Front Street
Saint Peter, MN  56082
Or by email to

The City Administrator shall, within 5 days of receipt of Notice of Appeal, set a hearing date at a time that will not be less greater than 10 days after receipt of the Appeal Notice. The hearing shall be conducted in a manner that provides the appellant opportunity to provide evidence related to the denial of service and the City Administrator shall provide a final determination within three days of the hearing. The finding shall be one of three options:

• Affirm the denial of Service
• Overturn the denial of Service
• Modify the length of denial of service.

Any finding shall be provided in writing and shall be reported to the Minnesota River Valley Transit Board at its next regular meeting.